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Restaurants in Stockholm

Stockholm offers lots of different kind of restaurants serving dishes from all over the world. Price level differs from one restaurant to another but a main dish in a typical restaurant is usually around 150-300 SEK. Business lunches are popular between 11-14 in weekdays. A common price for a business lunch is 85 SEK. Usally one has to pay extra to get some other drinks than tapped water.

Fast food restaurants serving hamburger, pizza or kebab usually is a bit cheaper than ordinary restaurants and cost about 70 SEK. Usually they have special offerings during lunch times as well. Many of the Stockholm restaurants only have Swedish menus but the staff usually speak English.

Marions Gastro Diner
Restaurant with American theme. Hamburgers, BBW, Chicken Wings, Club Sandwich, Grilled beef, Milkshakes are all in the menu.There is 16 bowling alleys in Marions Gastro Dinners.
Address: Kungsgatan 37 Metro: Hötorget

Marions Gastro diner, Bowling and american cusines Marions Gastro diner. Bowling and restaurant at Kungsgatan in Stockholm.

Restaurang Himlen ( Restaurant Heaven)
Restaurant Heaven located in what is often refered to as the Tax scraper as the Swedish tax office once had it's offices in this building. These days the building is used as a doormitory for students as well as for restaurants and stores. A the very top of the building the Heaven restaurant is located and on top of that the Heaven restaurants sky bar is with a splendid view of Stockholm. A main dish is around 300-400 SEK in the restaurant and starts at around 200 SEK in the sky bar.
Address: Götgatan 78 Metro: Medborgarplatsen/Skanstull

Restaurang Himlen med Södermalms bästa utsikt Restaurant Himlen. The best view of Södermalm in Stockholm from the 25:th floor.

Pong Imperiet
Pong Imperiet serves Asian food and has a very appetizing business lunch offer with thai-food and sushi. Imperiet is also a popular place for drinking beer in the weekends so this is not the place to go if going out just for eating in a late friday or saturday night.
Address: Götgatan 78 Metro: Medborgarplatsen/Skanstull

Jensens Böfhus
This is a restaurant which focuses on meat and which aims at offering good meat dishes to a relativly low price. Business offers starts as low as 49 SEK and a la carte starts as low as 89 SEK. Though a good idea is to add some more to be get some more to choose from in the menu.
Address: Vasagatan 24 Metro: T-centralen

Jensens Böfhus. Vastagatan, Stockholm Jensens Böfhus at Vasagatan 24 in central Stockholm.

Popular place both for going out to eat and to get a beer in. Swedish dishes like Pyttipanna (hash of fried diced meat with onions and potatoes), renskav (thin slices of reindeer meat), köttbullar (meatballs), lax (salmon) and Wallenbergare (steak of minced beef and other ingredients like cream and egg yolk) on the menu. During summers Kvarnen has an outdoor restaurant at Medborgplatsen and the restaurant at Tjärhovsgatan is then closed day time. Kvarnen has a good selection of small shots. Autumn 2013 Kvarnen oppened up a Checzh beer hall with a selection of Czech beer and an interesting interior. Address: Tjärhovsgatan 4 Metro: Medborgarplatsen

T.G.I. Fridays
The popular American chain T.G.I. Fridays has two restaurants in Stockholm. T.G.I. Fridays serves American dishes like hamburgers, beef steaks and more. This is also a nice place for a beer or two.
Address: Hamngatan 19 Metro: Kungsträdgården
Address: Birger Jarlsgatan 16 Metro: Östermalmstorg

T.G.I. Fridays. Stockholm T.G.I. Fridays. Kungsträdgården, Stockholm.

Italian style restaurant chain which serves Pizza and different pasta dishes. There is five restaurants in Stockholm.
Address: Kungsbron 15 Metro: T-centralen
Address: Munkbrogatan 8 Metro: Gamla Stan

Pizza Hut
World known American Pizza restaurant chain. Eat as much as you can business lunches that are quite affordable in weekdays. Although the pizzas are both better and way more expensive outside lunch hours.
Address: Klarabergsgtan 56 Metro: T-centralen
Address: Götgatan 54-56 Metro: Medborgarplatsen

Fast food

Fast food is very popular in Sweden. It's fast, it's cheap and relativly tasty. Well not always the healthiest food to eat though. Fast food places usually don't have the right to serve alcoholic beverages. Below a few of the more popular fast food chains will be introduced. There is also lots of independent pizza and kebab places in Stockholm.

Many Swedes consider Max as the best hamburger restaurant and that won't be without a reason. Max serves tasty hamburgers with lots of sauce. Max hamburger chain was first opened in the north of Sweden but nowadays Max has restaurants all over Sweden and also restarants in Norway and Denmark.
Address: Vasagatan 7 Metro: T-centralen

Max of Sweden Max hamburger restaurant, Kungsträdgården, Stockholm

Sibylla introduced the famous Sibylla hot dog in 1932 and since then is a popular contribution to the Swedish fast food culture. Sibylla has restaurants all over Sweden. Many Swedes consider Sibylla being the best hamburger chain today. Sibylla also serves hot dog, meat balls with mashed potatoes and kebab. Sibylla is found on several locations in Stockholm.
Address: St Eriksplan 37 Metro: St Eriksplan

Mc Donalds
Mc Donalds is the foremost proof that hamburgers are popular among Swedes. Mc Donalds has several restaurants in Stockholm.
Address: Vasagatan 24 Metro: T-centralen

Burger King
Burger King is another popular American chain. Burger King has several restaurants around Stockholm. But not as many as Mc Donalds.
Address: Sergelstorg 1 Metro: T-centralen

The right place for those who likes big sandwiches with lots of filling. Subway has several restaurants around Stockholm.
Address: Kungsgatan 61 Metro: T-centralen
Address: Sveavägen 33 Metro: Hötorget

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