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Shopping in Stockholm

Shopping is popular among a lot of tourists visiting Stockholm. Stockholm is the capital and the biggest city in Sweden and thus offers a lot of shopping opportunities. In this section some of the them will be introduced.

Many of the stores are chain stores which are present at multitiple locations in Stockholm. In the first place addresses in the city centere will be provided here. For more adresses and opening hours check out each stores own website.

Gallerian (The Gallery)
Gallerian is located in the heart of Stockholm. In Gallerian you may find a lot of chain stores like HM, Clas Ohlsson, BR, Dressman, Media Markt, JC and Lindex. There is also cafes and restaurants in here.
Address: Hamngatan 37, Metro: Kungsträdgården Www:

Gallerian. Stockholm. Gallerian, a popular shopping mall in Stockholm.

NK ( The Nordic Company)
NK – The Nordic Company is a big shopping mall in the center of Stockholm offering male and female fashion, kids clothes, furnishings, cosmetics, books and a lot more. Brands like Gant, Hugo Boss and Polo Ralph Lauren for him and DKNY, Filippa K and Karen Millen for her are some om the brands beeing on offer. NK's bookstore is one of the best book stores in Stockholm especially if looking for books in English language.
Adsress: Hamngatan 18-20, Metro: Kungsträdgården Www:

NK. Stockholm. NK - Nordiska kompaniet (The Nordic Company)

Mood Stockholm
Big shopping mall in the center of Stockholm. Lots of known shops within the shopping mall.
Address: Regeringsgatan 48, Metro: Östermalmstorg/Hötorget

A 100 000 square meter shopping mall outside the center with shops like Axelssons, HM, Hobbex, Lindex, MQ and many more. Food court with restaurants like Mc Donalds, Burger King and Sawadee. SKHLM is a bit of from the center but is on the way for those going to visit Ikea Kunges kurva. There are busses going right outside the shopping mall to Ikea. The shopping mall itself is located opposite to the Skärholmen metro station.
Address: Skärholmen, opposite to metro Metro: Skärholmen

Åhlens city
Åhléns City is to Stockholm what Stockman is to cities like Helsinki, Riga and Tallinn. Åhlens city consists of 6 floors offering fashion from known brands, books, household articles and much more. Åhléns has stores in many locations in Stockholm and rest of Sweden but no of the other stores are as big as this one.
Address: Klarabergsgatan 50 Metro: T-centralen

Åhlens. Stockholm. Åhlens city in the very center of Stockholm.

H&M is one of the most known Swedish fashion brands and one of the most succesfull companies from Sweden. H&M has close to 3 000 stores in 48 different markets. H&M has clothes for ladies, men and kids. H&M also offers cosmetics, accessoars, shoes among other things. The business concept is to offer both fashions and quality to a low price. Usually they are better on the firts thing than the other. H&M has severeal stores in Stockholm.
Address: Drottninggatan 56 Metro: T-centralen/Hötorget

H&M. Swedens most popular fashion stores. Popular Swedish fashion store H&M.

Fashion store for men that focuses on offering cheap clothes. Dressman offers shirts, sweaters, trousers, jackets, coats and under-wear. Dressman has many stores in Stockholm. Dressman also has a few stores with clothes in bigger sizes those stores are called Dressman XL.
Address: Drottninggatan 30 Metro: T-centralen/Hötorget
Address Dressman XL: Vasagatan 24 Metro: T-centralen

Dressman. Stockholm. Dressman is popular among Swedish men because of its moderate price level.

Popular chain store selling sports wear and sport articels. Stadium offers brands like Reebok, Nike, Adidas, The North Face and popular Swedish brand Peak Performance.
Address:etDrottninggatan 53 Metro: T-centralen/Hötorget
Address: Norrlandsgatan 29 Metro: T-centralen/Kungsträdgården

Ikea has two stores in Stockholm. Ikea Kungens Kurva och Ikea Barkarby. Ikea Kungens Kurva is the biggest of the two Ikea stores. There are lots of other stores around the Ikea stores for those interesting in shopping something else than just Ikea products. To get to Ikea Kungens Kurva go with the metros red line to Skärholmen. From there go with bus. To go to Ikea Barkarby go with commuter train to Barkarby and from there with bus. Address Kungens kurva: Modulvägen 1, T-bana: Skärholmen and from there bus buss 173/707/710/740/737
Address Barkarby: Folkungavägen 50, Commuter train-station: Barkarby and from there buss 567

Clas Ohlsson
Clas Ohlsson is probably the most popular store among men in Sweden. Clas Ohlsson stores have all kind of domestic products which means it's a store not only for the men. Clas Ohlsson have plenty of stores around Stockholm. There are two stores in the very center of the city, Drottninggatan 56 and in Gallerian.
Address: Drottninggatan 53 T-bana: T-centralen/Hötorget

Teknikmagasinet is Swedens number one gadget shop. Here one can find lots of both necessery and less usefull gadgets like mobile phones, MP3-players, alcotesters, Rubriks cube and a lot more.
Address: Klarabergsgatan 31/35 T-bana: T-centralen
Address: Sergelgatan 13 T-bana: T-centralen/Hötorget

Shop specialized in party gadgets, joke gadgets and all kind of clothes and masks for the fancy-dress ball.
Address: Drottninggatan 57 T-bana: T-centralen/Hötorget

Teknikmagasinet Buttericks, a popular store for all kind of party gadgets. This store on Drottninggatan.

Elgiganten – is the foremost chain for consumer electronics and household appliances in Sweden. Elgiganten stocks everything from toasters to TV-sets, hi-fi systems to mobile phones.
Address Kungsgatan 12-14 T-bana: Hötorget Www:

The state owned monopoly is the only chain store in Sweden that has the right to sell alcohol stronger than 3,5 percent in Sweden. Most Swedes are positive to the selection offered in the stores. There are many Swedes being less positive to not being able to buy alcohol in food stores and the the high prices of alcohol in Sweden. One litere of Vodka costs approximately 350 SEK. Wine prices starts from 50 SEK and beer prices starts from 15 SEK for 0,5 litre of beer.
Address: Klarabergsgatan 62 T-bana: T-centralen Www:

Covered market in the very center of Stockholm. Good place to find cheese, fish, tea, chochlate and lot of other tasty food.
Address: Hötorget T-bana: Hötorget Www:

Interbok is a Russian book shop in Stockholm. Interbok is the only shop in Stockholm selling Russian books.
Address: Hantverkargatan 32 T-bana: Rådhuset Www:

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