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Stockholm nightclubs

There are many great nightclubs and pubs to visit in Stockholm. Stockholm is the city in Sweden which has the best nightlife to offer. Many of the Stockholm nightclubs are located around Stureplan or Södermalm. However there are many nightclubs at other locatations as well.

If it's not obvius that one has the right age to enter a nightclub one should be prepared to show documents to get in. Usually the age limit to enter a nightclub in Sweden is 18 years, as that is the age limit to drink alcohol. Many nightclubs has age limits to enter the club of 20, 23 or 25 years.

Casino Cosmopol Stockholm. Casino Cosmpol is the only casino in Stockholm and one of four in Sweden.

Most nightclubs will charge for enterance. Enterance is usaually 100-150 SEK. A beer is usually around 60 SEK, cocktails and spirits are usually way more expensive. Tapped beer are usually 40 centiliters and bottled beer either 33 or 50 centiliters.

Nightclubs, bars and casino in stockholm

Casino Cosmopol
There are four casinos in Sweden all state owned. Casino Cosmopol in Stockholm offers poker tournaments, roulette, black jack, fruit-machines. Casino Cosmopol do also offers food, drinks and a piano bar. Documents are necessary to enter and all visitors are beeing photographed before entrance.
Address: Kungsgatan 65 T-bana: T-centralen/Hötorget

Bishops Arms
Bishops Arms is one of the more pleasant pubs to have a beer in in Stockholm. Bishops Arms offers a plesant English style pub environment, nice for a beer or two and some food. Bishop Arms can be found in different locations in Stockholm.
Address: Bellmansgatan 12 T-bana: Slussen/Mariatorget
Address: Folkungagatan 105 T-bana: Medborgarplatsen
Address: Linnégatan 1 T-bana: Östermalmstorg
Address: S:t Eriksgatan 115 T-bana: Odenplan
Address: Vasagatan 7 T-bana: T-centralen

There are some places in Stockholm being quite cheap as well at least compared to the avarage place in Stockholm. Hellströms is one of those. It still has quite a central location next to Fatbursparken at Södermalm. A beer is around 30 SEK which is really cheap in Stockholm. The kitchcen serves simple but still tasty dishes and also those are cheap. Hellström has quite a young audience. Especially in weekends when many young people visits the place because of the cheap beer. Weekdays are a lot more peaceful.
Address: Fatbursgatan 1 T-bana: Medborgarplatsen Www:

Stockholm nightclub Hellströms Hellströms, affordable pub/restaurant at Södermalm.

Duvel Cafe
Belgian pub and restaurant in Stockholm. Duvel Cafe has seafood dishes like lobsters and clam but also meat dishes like Beef Rydberg. The beer selection contains beers like Duvel, Leroy, Bel Pils and Maredsous. There is also a selection of wine, champagne and cocktails to chose from in this pub. Duvel is a bit more expensive than most of the other places presented on this website.
Address: Vasagatan 50 Metro: T-centralen Www:

Duvel Cafe - Belgian pub and restaurant
Duvel Cafe, a nice Belgian pub and restaurant in central Stockholm

Grand Garbo
Grand Garbo is a popular nightclub with four dance floors with differnt kind of music. Grand Garbo also has live bands performing from time to time. Grand Garbo is located in Sundbyberg, a few metro stations norht of the Stockholm city center.
Address: Landsvägen 67 Metro: Sundbyberg centrum Www:

KGB Bar and Restaurant
KGB Bar and Restaurant is a Russian/Soviet influenced restaurant in Stockholm. This is a good place for having a beer. In KGB Bar and Restaurant one can have a Zhiguli (Russian beer) or Russian vodka like Stolichnaya or Moskovskaya. The kitchen offers Borsjtj, Pelmeni, Blini, Karelin Burgers and Chicken Gagarin as well as Pirogi.
Address: Malmskillnadsgatan 45 Metro: Hötorget Www:

Hard Rock Cafe
Legendary Hard Rock Cafe has a branch in central Stockholm and is an obvious choice for those who wants to enjoy a few beers accompanied by some tasty American food to the sound of some rock music. Like the other 120 Hard Rock restaurants around the world this is a place full of rock history - old guitars, posters and records. The Hard Rock shop offers souvenirs like Hard Rock t-shirts and Hard Rock glasses.
Address: Sveavägen 75 Metro: Odenplan Www:

Hard Rock Cafe in Stockholm Hard Rock Cafe Stockholm on Sveavägen 75

Golden Hits
Popular nightlcub in the center of Stockholm. Three dance floors, many bars, shows and food but most importantly the music of yesterday - the music from the era of dicso.
Address: Kungsgatan 29 Metro: Hötorget Www:

Debaser nightclub focuses on live music, mainly pop and rock. There is two Debaser nightclubs in Stockholm, Debaser Medis and Debaser Horntulls Strand, the second with the restaurants Bar Brooklyn och Calexicos which serves NYC inspired dishes and Mexican dishes. The later of the two Debaser nightclubs opend in 2013. Check out their website to see what is going on.
Address: Medborgarplatsen 8, Metro: Medborgarplasten Www:
Adress: Hornstulls Strand 4, T-bana: Hornstull Www:

When most of the the nightclubs in Stockholm is closing the party stills continue on the Patrica party ship. The ship never really leaves it's secured to the embankment so you know where to find this nightclub when it's time to go to the next place for a few last beers in the middle of the night. This nightclub has open until 5 am. in the morning on weedends.
Address: Stadsgårdskajen 152, Metro: Slussen Www:

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