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Skiing in Sweden

Want to go skiing in Sweden. Here is information about the best places to go skiing in Sweden. Both some of the best Swedish Ski resorts will be listed here as well a pair of the ski resorts in Stockholm. The later two is mainly for those going to Stockholm anyway and wants to go for some skiing as well. Those interested in coming to Sweden for skiing should take a look at ski resorts like Åre and Ramundberget.

Prices do vary between different Swedish ski resorts. A one day ski pass for an adult usually costs between 350-420 SEK and a 7-day ski pass 1550-2050 SEK. There are lots of combinations in between for less days and sometimes one can get a ski pass for just a part of a day as well, being cheaper than prices stated above. Usually ski pass for kids are cheaper as well.

Skiing in Sweden
Ski slope in northern Sweden

All of the ski resorts listed here offers skis, ski boots and other equipment for rent. Sometimes one can book such ski equipment in advance. Prices for a complete ski equipment for an adult cost between 280-550 SEK for a day and 900-1550 for a week, depending on the ski resort and the equipment. Ski equipment for kids are usually cheaper. Usually one can rent part of the equipment as well, meaning one can bring ski boots but rent skis as skis usually are unconvient to bring if not travelling by car.

Åre is one of the most popular ski resorts in Sweden. If you go to Sweden with the main purpose to go skiing then Åre is probably the place where you are going. The vertical drop in Åre is 890 meters which by a good margin is the best in Sweden. Though not as good as the best ski resorts in the Alps. There is a total of 108 ski slopes of all kinds in Åre.
How to get to Åre ski resort: There are trains going all the way to Åre. One can also fly to Östersund and go by train from there.

Nice popular ski resort in north-eastern Sweden. Located about 600 kilometers from Stockholm. The vertical drop is 300 meters. Ramundberget has 42 ski slopes of which 12 are marked black which makes Ramundberget to a nice place for the more advanced skier. There are other facilities in the same area as Ramundberget like Tänndalen-Tänndalsvallen, Funäsdalsberget, Tännäskröket och Kappruet. If getting a combi ski pass one will have access to more than 120 ski slopes. Ramundberget also offers heli skiing, cross-contry skiing and biathlon.
How to get to Ramundberget ski resort: There is no train going to Ramundberget. So either one has to go by car or by bus.

Skiing in Sweden is just a few hours away by train from Stockholm is choosing some of the closer ski resorts like Sälen. Sälen is popular because it offers good downhill skiing not to far north. Maximum vertical drop in Sälen is 365 meters for Stöten which offers 33 ski slopes. There are also other facilities in Sälen. Sälen is located about 450 kilometers from Stockholm.
How to get Sälen ski resort: There are trains going all the way to Sälen.

This is the most central skiing facility in Stockholm. Conviently located in the Hammarby region not far away from the center of Stockholm. Hammarbybacken has a maximum vertical drop of 85 meters and a total of 4 ski slopes.
How to get to Hammarbybacken: One could easily go here with the public transport such as Tvärbanan.

Flottsbro is also in Stockholm. It is a bit more off from the center than Hammarbybacken. On the other hand it has one more slope and a higher vertical drop than Hammarbybacken. Flottsbro also offers a dream park.
How to get to Flottsbro: Flottsbro is about an hour from Stockholm center by public transport.

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